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Sunrise Health and Healing

(photographs copyrighted 2014)

Thanks for visiting!

The Sacred sunrise represents the start of a new day. Sunrise Health and Healing is an inspired venture that resulted from several decades of working within the health care system as a registered nurse, and envisioning something different in the way in which we create health within communities. If you are living with personal health challenges, seeking greater freedom from burdens in a care-giving role, needing greater work-life balance, or simply feeling empty and not sure what needs to happen next in your life, I invite you to contact me to join in a process of discovery. During our one to one session, I will use principles of self healing, and gentle guidance, with the intent is to support whatever it is you desire in your life today and help you achieve greater balance and peace.

Consider joining a group Nia fitness class to explore the connection between body, mind, emotion, and Spirit. Experience the Joy of moving your body the way it was intended to move...with ease... strength.... flexibility.... agility..... mobility....., stability..... and Pleasure! No fitness experience is necessary and classes are available for all levels of ability, tailored to your unique needs.

In my personal and professional experiences over the past 34 years, I have learned that each of us already has all that we need within ourselves to thrive and be well. I look forward to supporting you as you navigate your own path toward greater health, ease, and Joy!  

Individual wellness counselling ....Small group wellness workshops.... Emotional Freedom Technique....Nia fitness classes.

Contact me to book an appointment or group event in your community.

 I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to the website. There's more to come.

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In community, our distinct colors blend ...

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Imagine life as if walking on rose petals...

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