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Sunrise Health and Healing

(photographs copyrighted 2014)

There are so many interesting points of view!

Join me in celebrating those who write for the purpose of sharing their wisdom and gifts of healing. I will post favorite readings, with a 'pearl' about what I found inspiring...join me, by sending me one of your favorite readings and a 'pearl' of what you learned. Please include full credits for name of author, title of book or article, year of publication, and a simple sentence describing the essence of their message for health, healing, and joyful living. 

Tosha Silver (2014) Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead.

  Pam's Pearl: Take delight in setting aside hopes, fears, and opinions about how things should be. Ask Spirit to guide.

Susan Schellenberg and Rosemary Barnes (2009) Committed to the Sane Asylum: Narratives on Mental Wellness and Healing. 

   Pam's Pearl: Create change in how we respond to and support those experiencing existential crises. Create wider spaces for love and healing.   

Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen (2010). Kitchen Table Wisdom. 

   Sue's Pearl: Stories that heal, written from the heart of a wise woman.

Karin Volo (2012). When Crisis Strikes. (ebook)

    Pam's Pearl: Hope for healing

Dr. Kelly Turner. Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

     Ken's Pearl: Discovered the consistent themes from many who have healed from cancer - apply to cancer or any dis-ease state

Terrence Reel (2008). The New Rules of Marriage.

    Pam's Pearl: Practical tips for communication in relationship. 

Charles Eisenstein. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible (Sacred Activism).

    Pam's Pearl: We are One. 

Elizabeth Gilbert (2006) Eat Pray Love.

    Pearl: In prayer we ask, in meditation we listen.

Terry Fallis. Up and Down.

   Pam's Pearl: Laugh out loud, with tears and all, and strangers in the coffee shop will start to laugh with you.

Elizabeth Gilbert (2010). Committed.

    Pam's Pearl: A better book on marriage/relationships in story form